Meditation and Mindfulness are current ‘hot topics’ gaining long overdue recognition in academia, health media, NHS circles, companies such as Google, and many other places.  I am pleased to add my 35 years of varied meditation experience to this, and offer authentic meditation and mindfulness trainings rooted in both long tradition and the modern world.

Quite apart from wellbeing benefits such as stress and anxiety reduction,  Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi list the following as attributes of highly successful people that can be linked with meditation:

  • The ability to make good decisions
  • A strong sense of self
  • Being able to focus and concentrate
  • Not being easily distracted
  • Immune to the approval or disapproval of others
  • Sufficient energy for long workdays
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Emotional resilience, bouncing back after failure and setbacks
  • Intuition and insight, being able to read a situation ahead of others
  • A stream of new ideas and solutions
  • A cool head in a crisis
  • Strong coping skills in the face of high stress

(Excerpt from “Super Genes”, Rider, 2015)

Welcome to this very new website – I hope you will find it useful, inspiring and supportive as it grows, and will contribute with comments and perhaps even your own articles.

Chris Thomas,